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Florida Franchise Opportunities: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is the right franchise for me?
When determining if Heaven's Best is the right franchise for you, consider what you want out of a franchise. Contacting some of our existing operators to see what they have to say about the business is a great way to learn more about the franchise. If it sounds good over the phone, we encourage you to go on a ride-a-long with one of our operators to see if you would enjoy this type of work and if you can handle the physical labor that is required. You will also need to be clear on your income expectations.

What is the cost of a Heaven's Best Franchise?
The initial start-up cost is $28,900. This price offers you completely exclusive territory.

Does Heaven's Best have any financing options available?
Financing options are available for those who qualify. $14,450 is due at the signing of the contract with the remaining balance amortized over 10 years at 5%.

Is there a monthly royalty fee?
A royalty fee of $80 per month is required per licensed territory. Those who purchase large territories will have multiple licensing fees based on population. The monthly fees do not all start at the same time but are brought online over time.  In many cases, the number of fees will increase each year so that all fees will be due each month by the end of your initial five year contract.

Other than the initial costs of the franchise, what other costs are involved in connection with running a Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning Franchise?
Additional costs will vary, but you will need to purchase the proper insurance for general liability. This typically runs between $600-$1,800 per year, or $50-$150.00 per month. You will also be responsible for purchasing a suitable white van to operate out of, as well as a plan on marketing your business and the costs that come with effective marketing. It's smart to always have a few months of operating expenses available in case of an emergency. Cleaning equipment doesn't last forever, so you will need to plan on equipment upkeep and replacement.

How are the exclusive right territories determined?
The exclusive territories are defined as a city, a group of cities, a county, a group of counties, or a combination of cities and counties. Additional factors including population and territory size are considered when defining a territory. Personal goals and needs also play a part in determining territory size. Exclusive territories are one of the many benefits of owning a Heaven's Best franchise. Having an exclusive territory means you won't have to worry about competing with other Heaven's Best operators.

How long is the initial training and where is it held?
The initial training course is held at our corporate office in Rexburg, Idaho, and lasts 4-5 days. We cover all aspects of the business, such as proper product usage, fabric identification, equipment operation, and proper cleaning techniques for carpet, upholstery, wood floor, tile and grout, and leather. We also focus on minor carpet repair, spot dyeing, customer relations, book keeping, marketing, scheduling, and general operations of the business.

Where do I buy all the products, supplies, and equipment?
Franchisees purchase all the equipment, products, and supplies they need from the Heaven's Best online store. Purchasing all your supplies directly from Heaven's Best helps keep the integrity of the system standardized. Our prices for equipment, products, and supplies include free ground shipping to your door, if you live in the 48 contiguous United States.

What kind of ongoing help and support do I receive?
After the initial training, you can receive help via our toll free number and our online bulletin board, as well as through regional and international seminars.

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We can walk you through any new situation you have over the phone or you can go onto the Heaven's Best online bulletin board where other operators can help answer your questions. We also have regional seminars periodically where you will receive ongoing training and support. Approximately every five years, we also have an International Seminar for all Heaven's Best owners, operators, and employees for additional training.

How long will the initial supplies I receive with the purchase of a franchise last?
We give you enough supply of the main cleaning solution to recoup most of your initial investment. For some, this may only last for a few months; for others this could be a 6-9 month supply.

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How long will my equipment last?
Everything will eventually wear out and need replacement. With proper care and maintenance, the equipment will last for many years. Equipment motors and pumps may need to be replaced after a couple years of normal use, while heavily used hardware will require more frequent replacement. There is equipment in our business that has been running for over 15 years with only minor maintenance.

What services will I be able to offer as a Heaven's Best owner?
As a Heaven's Best franchise owner you will be able to offer carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning as your basic cleaning services. However, you will also have the option of providing tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, rug cleaning, vehicle upholstery cleaning, hard surface cleaning (stone, marble, etc.), spot dyeing, and minor carpet repair.

How many franchisees belong to the Heaven's Best family?
Currently there are about 275 franchisees, operating in over 1,100 different areas!

Am I required to have employees in this business?
The short answer is no. With a one-man franchise, your business growth is limited. However, many successful franchisees grow to become multi-truck operations, which do necessitate employees.

How many vans can I have operating in my area?
When purchasing a Heaven's Best franchise, it comes with an exclusive geographic area and you can run as many vans in your area as the workload permits.

How long before I start making money?
Your cash flow can begin immediately after your training. After we receive your funding and you have completed your training, you will receive all of your equipment, which usually arrives one to two weeks after training. How soon you become profitable is determined by your effort.

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