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Van, Franchise Opportunities in Florida

Low Cost Franchise Opportunities in Florida: Testimonials

"Heaven's Best for me, has provided the financial freedom I've looked many years to find!"

"This is a very affordable franchise to purchase. Heaven's Best provides excellent support to help you succeed. You can't find a more honest and trustworthy company to be part of. They genuinely care about you. If you understand how to give good service to customers, Heaven's Best will give you the system and products to offer."

"Our product is outstanding! My customers love Heaven's Best and it shows by the customer referrals we receive."

"We come from all walks of life. Before I got into this company, I had this image of carpet cleaners and it wasn't good! Now, after meeting many, many Heaven's Best owners, I realize Heaven's Best operators are
the exception."

Family, Testimonials in Florida

"I was a motel owner for 14 years followed by a 2 year stint as a loan officer at a local bank."
—Bryan, IA

"I worked in human resources 15+ years handling training, employee relations and recruiting. I worked in manufacturing, retail and corporate level positions at Hughes, Toyota, Warehouse Ent. and El Torito."
—Laura, UT

"I have a bachelor's degree from Indiana University in biology and chemistry. I have worked as a chemist and OSHA Industrial Compliance Inspector and then managed to work for 20 years as either a corporate, Health and Safety Manager or Health Safety & Environmental Manager for several well-known international companies."

"I got laid off for the last time and will never get laid off again and my one wish is that I had known of Heaven's Best 15-20 years ago."
—Dave, PA

"In my previous life, I have been a tool designer and a manufacturing engineer. I have a degree in design technology and business management. No more worries about the internal politics and trying to please those in management that cannot be pleased."
—Loren, IA

"I was an assistant manager in a clothing store chain. I was bumped when the owner's nephew wanted my job. I asked everyone who bought gas at a gas station if they knew of a job? That's how I was introduced to the cleaning business. I ran a sewing machine and vacuum store by day, cleaned carpets in the evening and on Saturdays. When I made more from cleaning than selling and repairs, I sold my partnership in the vac biz and went cleaning (Steam).

After the Navy I managed and operated a Chem-dry (who had heard of my reputation from before the Navy) for two years. A customer once wrote a check out for Heaven's Best while I was with Chem-dry, I remembered that and went looking for it. I found it. Life has never ever been this good!"
—Gordon K., OR

"We find we have no serious competition if you're looking for results. Our only competition is those who want the "cheap" price which of course leaves them with a "cheap" job...stains still visible. We hear it all the time. The most challenging thing is to re-educate people. First of all to the process, and secondly to the fact that they can have carpets that ARE clean as well as LOOK clean."
—Sharrie J., BC Canada

"We have experienced our business growth from the franchisee side. With that growth we have watched the franchisor grow as well. The franchisor is very important to our success.

From the franchisor, home office personnel, state owners, other franchisee owners, their complete willingness to assist and give or find answers to situations, whether it be a computer glitch, a product order, or a customer's particular problem…We can count on our Heaven's Best Family to be ALWAYS courteous and willing to help with anything!!"
—Dale L., CA

"From the products we use to the support of my state owner and home office, the sky is the limit!

They suggest that we spend at least 40 hours a week working our business. I have the opportunity to make as much money as I want, but more importantly I am able to schedule my work around my family."
—Lew M., CA

Is there anything that you didn't know when you purchased your franchise that you wish you had known?
"Wish I would have listened to a friend and bought in sooner."
—Doug S., MD

Family, Testimonials in Florida

"WOW—this year [2012] we are celebrating 9 years with Heaven's Best. Time sure flies by fast when you're having fun, that's family fun with great memories.

Owning a Heaven's Best business offers each of us the luxury of having control of our work schedule, while providing customers a great product that makes US LOOK GOOD.When we investigated the Heaven's Best Franchise, we found the beginning of a new adventure that was hard to believe would really be true.

The phrase we live by is a phrase we heard at our first seminar in 2003 which was, 'We have NO competition, except ourselves'."
—Dale, Don, and Jo Ann L., California

"My purchase of the Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning franchise has been one of the best decisions of my life. The earnings have far exceeded my initial expectations, and the independence is priceless! I have 4 very active kids and I never miss a ball game or event."
—Brian F., Iowa

Man, Testimonials in Florida

"I purchased my franchise in January of [2011]. Owning my own business has been a dream of mine for most of my life and Heaven's Best has helped make it a reality.

The people and organization are first class and the products work great. Every time I complete a new job I continue to be amazed at the results and the customers are thrilled with the service and our unique "Dry in One Hour" concept.

Also being from the NW, "Green" technology is important to me and my customers and with the Heaven's Best process it helps me deliver on this commitment to the environment."
—Rick S., Washington

"My mother told me about the Heaven's Best operation in Sioux City, Iowa and through that recommendation; I began to research the carpet cleaning industry in general.

Through my research I noticed that the Heaven's Best owner, Cody Howard, spent a lot of time learning who I was and explaining the Heaven's Best business to me. There was no hard sell, just good information to help me make the best decision."

Clean Carpet, Testimonials in Florida

"My first introduction to Heaven's Best was back in the late 1990's. Back then, I was putting in 60-80 hours per week managing a restaurant, with little or no time for myself, or a family. My ultimate goal was to buy into the chain, and become an owner. As a manager, it was my responsibility to see that the restaurant was clean and well-maintained at all times.

One evening a local Heaven's Best franchisee showed up for dinner and introduced himself. One thing led to another, and I scheduled an appointment for cleaning. I had no idea what this would actually lead to. Heaven's Best called me 2 hours prior to my scheduled appointment to remind me of our appointment and then he actually showed up on time.

Over the course of several months, and several on-time cleanings, I really gained respect for Heaven's Best. So I took the next step and requested some information on the franchise and talked to the local franchisee about his business.

Starting a business is always a tough decision, especially when you're not sure what kind of business you want to start. One thing I can say with experience is that it doesn't matter what kind of business you start. What matters is that it's your money, your name, and your determination that will make you sink or swim. Eventually, I came to the decision of starting my own Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning franchise
in 2000.

Today, I'm still a franchisee with Heaven's Best. I made the right decision, and along the way, I had some incredible support from the people in the Corporate office. As far as the cleaning method: I've done both types through the years... I used to own a "steam cleaning machine", and there is no comparison to the Bonnet Cleaning Method. I'm able to get more stains out, without leaving a sticky residue. Best of all, it's dry in about 1 hour.

I've had 3 or 4 clients through the years leave me to try somebody else. In the end Bonnet Cleaning speaks for itself, they always came back to me, and they were always willing to admit it. It's a great franchise, with some really great people. I hope to see you soon!"
—Rick M., Texas

"After studying about all the different carpet cleaning franchises available, choosing Heaven's Best was an easy choice!! Start-up costs were reasonable and the fees are fixed at a low rate. There are also low labor requirements, great flexibility with scheduling, and good potential for national growth, which added to the enticement of my investment.

What put Heaven's Best over all other companies were the core company values: high integrity, trust, and a true family of caring people!!"
—Jeff M., Texas

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